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Διαγωνισμοί - Competitions.

Nationwide Architectural Competition

Regeneration and re-use of former cemetery of Nikea, Neapoli

Greece, 2016

Papageorgiou E., Eliopoulou E., Dourampeis N., Tourlas P.

​Poster competition during the Welsh School of Architecture MSc 20 Year Celebration event.

Alumni’s Most Sustainable Project


Cardiff, UK, 2013

Eliopoulou E., Dourampeis N.

Nationwide Architectural Competition for the Main Square and Entrance to the Archaeological Site of Eleusis.



Greece, 2007

​​Eliopoulou E., Dourampeis N.

Fafali M.

Nationwide Housing Competition for fire victims organized by the Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms,

Honor Award

Greece, 2008

​​Eliopoulou E., Dourampeis N.

Tzormpartzidis G.

SHADE Design Competition for the innovative use of solar shading in building, organized by the ΒRE, British Research Establishment

2nd Award


UK, 2002

​​Eliopoulou E.

Design of Ephemeral Structures in the City of Athens’ by the Hellenic Cultural Heritage SA in the context of the Cultural Olympiad 2001-2004


Greece, 2002

​​Eliopoulou E., Dourampeis N.

Open Call for Ideas by Technical Chamber of Greece and Greek Section of UIA -ARES,

Bioclimatic Hotel Room with the use of RES

Greece, 2017

Eliopoulou E.